Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish massage? A Swedish massage aka "Classic Massage", is made up of 2 basic strokes. Effleurage which are long flowing strokes that connect the body together. And Petrissage, needing strokes that aide in circulation.

A Swedish massage is the most popular menu choice at a spa and for the most part this type of massage is the most recognized by the general public. Swedish massage is great choice for everyone!

Stress is the number 1 cause of disease and death. And the main objective of the Swedish massage is to reduce the effect of stress on the body.

How does a Swedish massage help your stress? The strokes of the Swedish massage are generally on the lighter side and it is a full body massage, the work is usually not focused, like in a deep tissue massage. When a therapist preforms a a Swedish massage they are taught to calm down the clients nervous system by breaking fight or flight.

It is time to take a break and recharge those emotional batteries! And get a Swedish massage your body will thank you latter by being happy and healthy.