Talking during a massage
The client 411

Talking during a massage is a common question a lot of clients have and are not sure how they should be acting. It’s your massage, you are paying for the time, so you as the client control the session as far as talking goes. If you don’t want to talk, just don’t talk to your therapist.

Many massage therapists are fine with talking or no talking. But you as the client need to keep some things in mind. If you are not interested in talking it is important not to engage in the conversation and if your therapist keeps trying to talk to you then just speak up and say

“I would really like to relax and enjoy my session now”


“I can’t relax and talk at the same time”

I promise you, you won’t offend your therapist by asking for no talking. Actually not talking really helps your therapist be able to feel what’s going on in your body. And there are actually a few massage therapists that stop working while they are in a conversation, so if you as the client feel that happening then don’t keep talking.

If you are a talker, then that’s ok too. There are also many clients were talking is there way of relaxing. Some people need to talk in order to understand what’s going on in their body. And that’s ok too. Just keep the conversation light and don’t ask too many personal questions. Sometimes the personal question can make your therapist uncomfortable to talk about.

It also important to understand what type of session you are having as well. If you are getting massage because of an injury there may be extra talking in your session, why? Your therapist is really trying to figure your pain patterns and the best way to figure out that puzzle is to ask the client lots of questions. In this case your therapist is going to ask you for feedback your pain levels while he/she is working on a certain area.

The point is you as the client has control over the session. And you have the right to say whether you would like talking during a massage or not.