Tight Muscles 

What to do about tight muscles is a question that gets ask every day.  The short answer is muscle tightness never really goes away. We would actually fall over if when didn’t have any muscle tension. Tightness within my own body is sometimes I work on to understand on a daily basis. SO here are some guidelines that I have come up with to give people a basis if the tension they are feeling is something to worry about.

Are you in pain?

If yes, then big deep to learn what the pain is all about. Is the pain caused by an activity? Does your body need a chance to warm up first? Does the pain last all day? What time of day is worse for you?

These types of questions are going to help you understand what is actually going on within your body. And once you understand the “triggers” you can put together a plan to help manage your symptoms. You may need to request and X-ray or MRI from your doctor just to rule out any possible physical changes that could be causing pain.

Your fitness level

I personally feel this plays a big role. People who are in very good shape and or exercise on a regular basis get told their muscles are so tight. What people are really feeling is developed muscles. You can’t be in shape and have no muscle tightness. You would not be able to progress in your exercise program. Now what can happen is a person can favor one side over another too much which can cause a muscle tone imbalance. This can lead to pain and discomfort along with increasing your changes of injury.

Muscle imbalance is more common in people who don’t have a regular exercise routine. Any type of regular movement helps the body heal faster, reduces tension and stress within the body. 

Bad patterns 

Bad movement patterns most of the time come from and injury or healing from surgery. And we develop these bad patterns because of pain and don’t want to get hurt again. During the healing progress it’s important to allow the injured area to rest. But people get into trouble and area is getting babied too much to prevent re-injury.  

It’s important to go to physical therapy learn the correct exercise to re train your nervous system. And follow the program at home.

What it really comes down to, is knowing what exercise/stretching helps your body feel good. This will greatly reduce tension and stress in your muscles.