Types of Massages

Different types of massages that are available at many places:

Swedish massage is a basic massage, usually done with oils and gentle pressure. Techniques for this massage include kneading, gliding, and cross-fiber friction (used to break up knots). This can be done with gentle or intensive pressure. This is by far the best massage to start with or get if you haven’t had a massage in a while.

Deep tissue massage is another option to check out if you want a massage. Deep tissue massage is exactly like it sounds, the therapist uses deep pressure to help relieve knots and tension in the body. It’s also great for relieving pain throughout the body. Deep tissue uses much of the same techniques that Swedish massage does but uses quite a bit more pressure.

Now chair massage is different than both of these because it is generally shorter than the usual 30-60 minutes that a massage is. Chair massage is done with your clothes on and does not require any massage oil. This massage also focuses on your neck, back and shoulders.

Couples massage is for two people, with two different therapists (one for each person. You can get a couples massage with your boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend, mom or whatever it just means that they’re two people getting a massage at the same time. You can get a Swedish or a deep tissue massage during a couples massage.

four hand massages. This is when you have two therapists working on you at the same time; it is very relaxing and is great if you have a lot of stress or pain.

Pregnancy massage is also great if you’re expecting and need some relaxation. This is great because it soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers. This is different from traditional massage because you will have more support on your body and the therapist will be more gentle and careful with you.

This is just a short list of the types of massages out there. Do you have a favourite? Please share in the comment section below.