Upper Back Pain

We’ve all heard of upper back pain, but what causes it? The pain we feel sitting at the computer all day is actually trapped circulation. You can expect pain from bad posture or blood being trapped in your joints. Bad posture hurts the muscles in your back and can cause serious pain. Sitting properly can help to alleviate this pain. When blood is trapped in your joints it will cause serious pain, the brain sends out signals telling your body to spasm in the hope that the blood will be able to flow freely again.

So to fix this problem move around. Stand up and take a walk, shake out your legs and get the blood flowing again. You can, if you like, add heat or ice packs to the places that hurt or could see a massage therapist, both of these works quite well. If you are experiencing neck pain then a good exercise to do is to roll your head one way and then the next. Go slowly and hold your head in each position for 10 to 20 seconds. This will help open up your neck.

You can also experience pain in your arms; this is usually caused by awkward wrist and hand placement and constant clicking of the mouse. You can help prevent this by using a mouse that is the right size for your hand and by using a wrist rest; this will help take the stress off your wrist. Some people experience pain in their eyes if they stare at a computer for too long, this is because the human eye is not made to stare at the same point for hours on end. To help prevent eye strain, make sure your computer is slightly tilted to relieve any glare and make sure your computer screen is not to close to your face. You should never being falling into the computer. These tips will help you relieve your upper back pain from working on the computer.