What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain, we’ve all heard of it. So what are the causes of back pain? Well back pain can be caused by a number of things but let’s start with a few. Most back pain is caused by strained muscles or ligaments, improper lifting or sudden awkward movements and people who have a job where they sit a lot at a computer are also at a high risk of back pain. An awkward twist or movement can result in horrible pain in your back, ice packs or heating packs usually help relieve that pain.

Strained muscles are little bit harder to relieve, but massage can often help relax the muscles and ease the pain. Improper lifting can be the worst on your back. You can tear ligaments lifting a package wrong. Remember lift with your legs not with your back. A hot bath can usually help relieve back pain. Ice packs can also help, but don’t put the ice pack straight on your skin, place a thin towel down first and then the ice pack.

Now cracking your back is different, doctors say that if you are healthy than its fine but caution not to addicted to it. The cracking sound you hear is air being released, it’s perfectly normal and does not hurt you at all. If you crack you back or any other joints to much it can cause irritation in your joints.

Need a great way to ease any back pain? Keeping those hamstrings long and limber helps to take a lot of pressure off your pelvis and low back. Sound funny and I bet you’re thinking won’t exercise hurt my back even more? The answer is… no! Exercise helps to relieve back pain and if you exercise regularly you are less likely to get back pain. Massage can helps by increasing the blood flow to your muscle in your back. A lot of the time the reason you have pain in your back is from lack of circulation. A good brisk walk will help to get the blood flowing and relieve the pain.

Yoga stretches your muscles as well and makes you feel great, it’s also very relaxing. If you do take a yoga class make sure that you let the yoga teacher about your back pain so they can make the proper modification for postures and add props if you need them. All of these help get rid of your back pain and make you look and feel great. What could be better than that?