Winter blues can be your
friend or foe

The winter blues is a challenge for a lot of people. By February I notice people starting to get stir crazy. And are ready for the snow and the cold to be over ! The best solution is to just go some place warm for the winter but for many people that just isn’t an option.So what is a New Englander to do to help make it through those winter blues.

I think a good place to start is get into a winter sport such as ice skating, snow shoeing or skiing. A fun winter activity can help make the time fly by fast and can give you something to look forward too when you are feeling the effects of winter. And see if you can get a friend or family member to join you. That way you have someone to keep you accountable and it will help keep you in shape. No need to gain that winter fat.

If outside activities are not your speed knitting and crocheting have been getting pretty popular over the last couple of years. There are lots of YouTube videos out there that can teach you the simple stitches. And this is something you can do on a cold snowy day while sipping hot cocoa and watching your favorite movie. And at the end of the winter you can have a wonderful sweater or blanket.

Make time for friends! Plan house parties where someone brings a special dish. I personally always love getting new ideas for dinner options. And ladies can also enjoy planning a spa day. As we know winter can be tough on our skin. Body Treatments and facials can take care of that problem and keep you looking young in the processes.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down.The best thing to help the winter go by fast is to keep busy. In the comment box below share how you keep busy during the cold winter months.