Work Life Balance

Work life balance is such a struggle for me. I am still trying to find my way with expanding my massage practice because of my expanded overhead. 

With focusing so much of my mental energy on my  business there isn't much left in me when I get home. As soon as my butt hits the couch and the remote is in my hand I done! And most night I fall asleep in my super comfy recliner chair with the TV on and my dog and cat snuggling with me.

I have been at the office so much that sometimes I think my family has forgotten what I look like. There is a running joke in my house that if you want to see me let alone talk to me you need to book an appointment along with the rest of the world.

Before I took on the added office space we had a family meeting to talk about how I wasn’t going to be around much anymore for a while and that I need everyone’s help to pitch in with the house work. And my husband and daughter have been super supportive and I couldn’t be doing what I am doing without them! I come home most nights and my dinner plate is all set and Hannah has her teeth brush and PJ’s on without me having to say a word.

Work life balance challenge 

The down side to building my empire is I spend all my time at work. I have missed a lot with my daughter. There have been weekends that I leave the house before everyone is awake and I don’t get back till 8:30 at night, because I see clients at my office and I do an outcall or 2 after. I know I need to cut way back on my work load. But I have an internal struggle with loving what I do so much and taking time away from family.

In the mean time I am forcing myself to take 3 days off a to catch up on house work and not answer emails, text message or talk on the phone. And my daughter dose love to hang out in the office, which is fine as long as I don’t have a full day. And she and I have been taking horseback riding lessons together which have been a fun way to spend time together. This year again we are going to have a vegetable garden and that has been a fun project.

Over time I will learn more how to manage work life balance. I am getting much better at just being instead of also trying to be apart of something and having my identity too wrapped up around my work.